Bedok Reservoir

Studio Thirteen in collaboration with new company Pinball Collective needs YOUR help in producing its first staged production of ‘Bedok Reservoir’!


What is this play about?

Inspired by the several consecutive drownings in Bedok Reservoir last year, our story revolves around 3 divers going in search of a missing mother and son in Bedok Reservoir. Upon finding the mother, the divers begin a greater search for the horrific truth that led to her death.

A story about loss, searching and acceptance of one’s own demons, ‘Bedok Reservoir’ is a fascinating play about a dark side of Singapore not openly discussed.

Why we need your help!

We believe that normal everyday people have the power to choose what they want to see created. So we invite you to produce this show with us!

We are a small collective with the goal of making crowd-funded, crowd sourced, crowd-idealized theatre. We aren’t NAC funded or have any major corporate sponsors, so we need your help. This show is about people and we really would like to invite you, the people, to CREATE ART WITH US. we believe our audience has the power of producing work it believes in. And we believe in creating work that explores socially controversial topics. Buy your ticket TODAY to make this happen!

How do you know your money is not going to a crappy little show?

‘Bedok Reservoir’ has already represented Singapore this January as the first Singapore play in the new play writing platform LoNyLa. Our reading was live telecast to Germany, London and Hong Kong! It was met with positive reviews and really constructive feedback from the various viewers and panel!  Since then, we have improved it and refined it.

We intend to make the entire experience a unique one, one where the audience experiences the show by being completely immerse in the experience. We intend to collaborate with installation artists to make the stage version of this show pretty unique!

Math Paper Press-Books Actually’s publishing arm has even agreed to publish the play and prose duo edition of ‘Bedok Reservoir’ the book which you can buy at the door!

Wesley Aroozoo, our playwright has been an avid film maker with many of his films going to festivals in various countries such as International Film Festival Rotterdam . He is now in the midst of his Masters in TISCH Asia.

Elina Lim, our director, despite being fairly new to the scene has studied in Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts in Theatre Production and in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama. She has worked on various shows in different capacities. Her recent directorial debut with Visual Monster’s ‘London Suite’ in the piece ‘Diana and Sidney’ also got glowing praise on Flying Inkpot Reviews

Our Cast includes the talented Erwin Shah Ismail, Chio Su-Ping, Ghazali Muzakir and John Cheah! They have performed all over, from Edinburgh to right here in Singapore. They are a set of reall incredible actors. Do check out their full bios below!

Ok ok! I’m convinced! But How do I know that my money is not going to some prince in Nigeria?

It’s all going into the show! We are paying our actors and crew, renting the venue plus extra lighting and sound equipment, paying for our set/costumes, extra material cost for installations, publicity and marketing. You essentially are producing this show with us! You are making art possible!

You can even get a discount of the book of ‘Bedok Reservoir’ and choose to support our local publishing company

I would love to see this! When and where?

Show dates:

Thursday, 1 November 2012, 8pm
Friday, 2 November 2012, 8pm
Saturday, 3 November 2012, 3pm and 8pm


Goodman Arts Center
The Black Box
Block M #01-53
90 Goodman Road
Singapore 939053

I have more questions!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at